Beginning on Tumblr in 2012, Dollar Reviews was originally focused on providing scores on a scale from 0 to 10 with the occasional, spoiler free, plot synopsis absent, review. As time progressed I realized that the written word isn’t sufficient enough for a medium grounded in the audio visual realm. So, I enlisted my eskimo brother David Junco to talk shop in my living room after viewing select films during that year’s award season.

Life happened, David got a girlfriend, and at the tail end of my Bachelor’s degree I found I no longer had the luxury of watching movies because I was busy making my own. Thus, as quick as the reviews began they vanished..

Flash forward three years to 2015 after several chats with my CSULB FEA peer Steven Montmaneix, and the show came back. Inspired by George Miller’s resurrection of Mad Max I felt the need to get my voice out there again. We got accepted by iTunes, retooled our presentation, came up with two other shows, and haven’t looked back since.

We currently do this show for the love of it but would love fan interaction. Send us an email?


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