Things change overtime, so perhaps this page will too, but as of now, this is a list of the various shows we record here.

Dollar Reviews (Saturdays)
The show that started it all – spoiler free reviews of newly released films.

Originally we focused on individual films, but in November 2015, we revamped the show to be more of a “fistful” of dollars. Birthed from the second half of Two Cents (until episode 23), it is now a stockpile of anything we’ve ingested lately. Movies, music, videogames, VR, you name it.

Two Cents (Mondays)
Our live news roundup show where we give our take on the latest headlines – topics sprawl across film, tv, technology, video games, and anything else that strikes my fancy. We sprinkle in tidbits and theory here or there in between tab dumps.

Debt to Cinema (Wednesdays)
A show dedicated to reviewing films that either one, or the both of us, for some reason has never seen. More casual and spoiler ridden than our eponymous reviews. Selections don’t necessarily have to be classics or cult favorites, expect some trashy things.

A Few Dollars More
While spoilers and plot recaps are our big no-no’s, sometimes a film needs to be talked about in depth. Blockbusters are obvious, but anything is a possibility.

Pay Day
A film commentary show that is still just a concept after our Batman Forever episode faced some technical difficulties. It was intended to be a bimonthly feature with releases tied to the 1st and 15th of the month to coincide with when paychecks are mailed out.


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