Bryon Gillis

Braintrust and creator of Dollar Reviews. From a young age he knew his future would involve cinema since it was the only thing he loved more than Batman. He studied film theory and editing in his backyard at CSULB, never believing anyone when they said his film degree wouldn’t get him anywhere in life. Good thing too because it was being put to good use working at a multiplex in Summer 2015, which spawned the resurgence of his desire to talk for your listening pleasure.

He’s currently “researching” his first feature length screenplay, which only needs 50 more pages when he’s not busy handling the daily millennial struggle of running his own website. Partial to romantic comedies, mysteries, gore, hip hop, linear videogames, and the 90-min runtime.

Steven Montmaneix

Steven is a fellow CSULB alum who currently resides in Austin, Texas. He’s had an inexplicable obsession with visual media since he was born, but film has been the one that’s closely stuck. There’s no one genre he prefers and is willing to watch anything once, no matter what (which might explain his questionable cinematic taste). He received his bachelors degree in Film & Electronic Arts with an emphasis in audio (which he puts to good use editing Debt to Cinema and The Dollar Reviews Show).

When asked to share more information about himself all Steven said was, “I like movies.” – Steve’s DVD collection


We’ve had several guests on the show, most notably our compatriots Tyler from Future Horse and Brennan over at Scream 101.

Friends of the show have been appearing more consistently on Two Cents to give our listeners more points of view to consider, but even you (yes, you, the reader) can feature on a show for the right price.


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