Two Cents

Two Cents 015: I Kick Ass for the Lord!

The episode in which we discuss where huge franchises are going, Steven Soderbergh’s next project having interactive narrative paths, Tarantino recording movies on VHS, Taika Waititi being tapped to direct Thor: Ragnarok, Phil Lord and Chris Miller adapting Serial, the next wave of films being transported to the small screen, planes offering “free” movie streaming, and Amazon bullying Google and Apple to support Prime Instant Video. Plus we discuss The Iron Giant, Creep, Baghead, and Peter Jackson’s Braindead (aka Dead Alive).

DR Prime

S2E1: Tomorrowland

Two and a half years later Dollar Reviews is back!

Steve and I originally chatted about Mad Max: Fury Road, but sadly the podcast gods weren’t with us and the files were lost on the way to Valhalla. The second season starts with Disney’s latest gamble on adapting one of its theme park attractions.