Two Cents

Two Cents 069: Rightside Up, Upside Down

The week in which we spend the first 30 mins talking about our recent watches/plays (including my ongoing PSVR impressions), AT&T attempts to lower public disdain of vertical integration by hinting DirecTV Now will only be $35/month, Donald Trump’s Hollywood Star’s continual vandalism and its effect on voter sympathy, Amazon is now available in China, Microsoft continues to impress by introducing the Windows 10 Creator Update and its accompanying VR headsets, and ABBA and Muppet Babies are returning! Plus, Sony’s Uncharted adaptation, Rambo, Zelda Fitzgerald, the continual stupidity of Cupertino, Twitch has a cooking show now, and lots of HTC Vive info.

Debt to Cinema

Debt to Cinema 032: Cat People (1942)

I thought Steve was kitten when he said hiss pick this week was made to coincide with the release of Key and Peele’s Keanu. Is cat seriously the best he could come up with? Meow, I personally try to make purrfect selections, but when I’m feline lazy I might slip up too. (Note: Puns can be dangerous, I tail’ya stay safe out there)