Special Episode: Best of 2015

After giving the many films we’d each seen much thought, Steve and I finally wrote down our best of the year lists. We start the show off with our honorable mentions (00:46), move into some fun awards (08:16), then get to the main event, our top 10 (33:49).

Dollar Reviews

Dollar Reviews 007: Anomalisa/The Revenant

The week we mutually review an all time high four films together: Anomalisa (0:03:36), The Revenant (0:14:25), Slow West (0:32:28), and Mississippi Grind (0:39:41). Also on the docket are The Voices (0:50:49), Dances With Wolves (0:56:18), The Good Dinosaur – again, because I finally saw it (1:16:26), and The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1:31:21).

A Few Dollars More

A Few Dollars More 002: Anomalisa

#IdBuyThatForADollar is cute to say, but sometimes you need to spell out why, so Steve and I talked it out. What follows is an in depth conversation not just about Charlie Kaufman’s latest film, but more importantly, one indebted to it. This movie will make you think. Let us know what you think about our thoughts.