Two Cents

Two Cents 072: The Beginning of the End is the Beginning

The week in which I hopefully share details about my doomed romance for the last time, Tinder goes trans friendly, Domino’s does drone delivery in New Zealand, and Steve caught Terrence Malick’s A Voyage of Time and Brainscan, while I finally checked out Westworld’s pilot and Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival. Also, Google and Facebook crack down on fake news ads, the possible end of the Electoral College, China continues its foothold in the movie industry, Marvel moves Inhumans to the small screen, the curious case of Watch Dogs 2, and a fun closing conversation about the future of VR, gaming, and 8K.

Debt to Cinema

Debt to Cinema 033: Election

Another week, another comedy pick from me. This one is about the absurdity of high school politics. You know how they say those four years shape you into the person you’ll be for the rest of your life? Let’s find out if its true as we’re currently in the midst of a presidential race.