Debt to Cinema

Debt to Cinema 113: Drumline

Over a year later, and another surprise episode – this one on something I will always take the time to revere. To say I grew up on this Southern college classic is a bit of an understatement, but for viewers like Steve, its never the wrong time to jump in on the film that made Nick Cannon’s career #IdBuyThatForADollar

Two Cents

Two Cents 080: Black Mirror

The delayed episode in which I ended up finishing things alone, where Trump is in the White House, Sundance is covered in snow, streamers make moves, Hellboy 3 might be coming, AMC Theaters continues its global dominance, Superbowl LI is streaming for free, and I review The London Heist, Black Mirror’s Playtest episode, my VR playtesting gig, and Damien Chazelle’s TCM block. Meanwhile, Steve talks Samurai Cop 2, Hell or High Water, The Magnificent 7 (2016), and Sony’s Passengers. Plus, The Terminator is returning to James Cameron, Legendary lost its CEO, Paramount gets into bed with China, things don’t look good for Sony (across TV, Film, and PSVR), Netflix seduced Jerry Seinfeld, and some VR things to close out the show.