Debt to Cinema

Debt to Cinema 045: This Film is Not Yet Rated

Documentaries are a fickle mistress. They’re important during the time of their release, but seldomly retain the appeal which made them hot way back when. Case in point is this largely unseen investigation into the philosophical makeup of the Motion Picture Association of America. For a contemporary viewer such as I, it informed my immediate outlook of cinema at an impressionable age, but what about Steve? Listen to discover what he thinks of Kirby Dick’s exploration a decade removed from its release in the age of streaming VOD.

Debt to Cinema

Debt to Cinema 012: Gremlins

Tis the season and also time for Steve to finally see a holiday classic. This one is for the people that enjoy snow the most when its dark, and sprinkled in blood. Fun Fact: Steve literally bought this for a dollar from his library.