Debt to Cinema

Debt to Cinema 054: Victoria (2015)

This film is a different breed, a single night in Berlin, a single girl falling in love, and its told in a single shot. This isn’t a movie, this is cinematic truth. With minor detractions, Sebastian Schipper offers us an illusion of reality that defines genre. If High Noon, Before Sunrise, Birdman, and Unfriended had a baby it still wouldn’t be as beautiful as this glimpse at the future of digital filmmaking #IdBuyThatForADollar

Debt to Cinema

Debt to Cinema 001: High Noon

The first episode in our new show that is dedicated to reviewing films either one or the both of us has never seen.

This week we are crossing off a quintessential classic from Steve’s list of shame, the real time Western that defies genre.