Dollar Reviews

Dollar Reviews 032: Logan

Before every comic book fanboy and pretender had a favorite entity in the ever expanding list of shared cinematic universes, Hugh Jackman landed the role of a lifetime as Wolverine. Capes and tights come and go, but the iconic badass with mutton chops and an ever present cigar found a soft spot in every movie goers heart. Nearly 20 years later, Fox gives his fans the due they deserve by honoring their favorite X-Man one last time in the latest evolution of the superhero genre #IdBuyThatForADollar

Debt to Cinema

Debt to Cinema 031: Up in Smoke

If I’ve learned anything from this show its that Steve doesn’t exactly get comedy. I can’t fault him for thinking Freddy Got Fingered is the second coming of the plague, but surely he must appreciate the original stoner duo, right? International Pot Smokers Day is the perfect time to find out.